Any man that has seen the Stone Country (picture) will tell you that he has seen heaven on earth.This place is known for the wealth of its natural beauties which unveil in front of the rider who crosses the mountain paths in search of them. The only explanation found for the wealth of the beauties found here is that God loves Stone Country (picture) and has unloaded his bag of wonders in these parts.

"LOST WORLD" Adventure Raid
500 Euro/5 days riding, 6 nights sleep

"LOST WORLD 2" Hard Ride
400 Euro/5 days riding, 5 nights sleep

350 Euro/5 days riding, 6 nights sleep

In a corner of this heaven lays hidden the Fortress of Ponor (picture), one of the most grandiose carstic phenomenon of Europe, called like this because of the 70 meters tall portal drilled in rock.

Nobody would suspect that in this wonderful world, not far away from the Fortress of Ponor, you can descend underground to visit the Icecave (pictures).



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