"LOST WORLD" - Possible from June to October
(99% Offroad, 50% Hard+50% Medium)


Tour Character: Medium-Hard enduro-adventure with cultural experience
Start/End: Deva, Romania/ Deva, Romania
Riding days: 5 days, extendable on request to 8 days.
Route: 99% OFFROAD
Motorcycles: 6 Suzuki DR350 for rental, on request
Accommodation: Hotels with secured parking
Highlights: Riding the Carpathinas, Culture and History, Caves and beautifull Lanscapes


  • 6 nights sleep
  • 3 meals/ day
  • Support vehicle (luggage transport, one big bag per person)
  • English speaking tour guide


  • Gas
  • Drinks
  • Individual activities


Arrived in Deva, after a long road, we are greeted by hospitable hosts and by a grand meal. We satisfy our hunger and retreat to our rooms because in...

DAY 1: After breakfast we will start up north, crossing a hilly area good for a warmup until the small town of Zlatna (picture) where we will fuel the "horses" and the riders as well. We continue up north to the heart of the Ramet gorges (pictures), our halt place. We will surely devour tonight's dinner, but we will also have time to talk about the interesting trail we travelled today, and tomorrow...

DAY 2: ... we will start again north where we will meet the splendor of the mountain. The first objective will be the Huda lui Papara cave (picture), where we will fill our camelbacks right from the cave. We will leave behind Salciua village (picture) to prepare ourselves for a climb towards the rocky Scarita Belioara (picture) and towards the resting place situated in an alpine ski resort. The ski slope will be ridden. After crossing the Big Mountain (picture) (1826m) we will ride only on the top of the mountains until the Gilau village where we will recharge our batteries and we will meditate on the things to come in...

DAY 3: ...when after breakfast we will head west on a mountain top that will take us to the Belis Lake (picture) and further to Rachitele waterfall (picture) where we will have lunch at the bottom of the waterfall. Further we will head to the White Rocks (picture) found under Vladeasa Peak (picture) (1842 m) that can be attacked hard or soft. The view that awaits us will be breathtaking. From the peak we will travel south to Padis plateau on a track that gives us a 360 degree panoramic view of the area. From Padis we will ride to Ponor Glade and then to the carstic complex of Ponor Fortress (picture) - reservation and natural monument know in all of the world, made up of 3 huge cliffs, a river and a cave. Here hides another lost world... Satisfied to have found another hidden area, we head towards Chiscau village, but not before we cross the Yellow Gorge (picture) and live a real adventure when crossing the Tataroaia Plateau (picture) (1291 m), a plateau with lush vegetation and wild aspect. What will await us next?...

DAY 4: In Chiscau village we will admire the Bear Cave (picture), a very beautiful cave, which charms the visitors with a spectacular speological architecture. After climbing the Tapu Peak (picture) (1475 m) we will admire the Rusted Hole (picture). This is the place where Yellow Valley springs. Further we will descend in the Ice Cave - the largest in Romania and one of the few caves in the world of this type. The meeting with the assistance car will be in Albac village. From here we will attack Curcubata Mare peak (picture)(1849 m) , the tallest mountain top of the Stone Country. If we'll be lucky and the weather will be on our side, we will have a 360 degree panoramic view (picture) that will make us understand the poet's words "The Stone Country is blessed by God". The descent will be made on a hard track until we reach Arieseni ski resort (picture). Sleep well...

DAY 5: ...the day of the last track in which we'll ride the longest mountain crest in our tour, with the unique experiece of seeing deserted mountain villages (pictures) and horses that roam around free in the alpine area (picture | video). After the marathon of tracks we deserve a big traditional lunch... but we shuldn't stay too much as we'll have a long way to Deva. And for those who have more energy...there will be some surprises waiting!!!
The farewell dinner will be in Deva where our cars and trailers will be waiting. We will return to our rooms and...

DAY 6: ...after breakfast we will wash our motorcycles and head home, leaving Stone Country. See you next year!

You will not forget my Raid.
I promise you 5 days of heaven !

NOTE: To spend more time on the bike we can cancel our visits to the caves.

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